"97% of your donation will go directly
to the hostel!"
When the group traveled to India, we visited a school and hostel run by the diocese of Ajmer in Rajasthan. The hostel takes care of poor children who can not afford the basic necessities of life. There are currently 150 children in the hostel. Since the diocese is not financially able to operate this school and hostel, the Board members of Orphan Children of India are hoping to take over the project. We can build our new facility there and take care of more children. We are hoping to enter into an agreement with the diocese soon.

It is alarming to learn that more than half of the population in India still live in poverty. They do not have the basic necessities of life and have to manage their families with less than a dollar a day. With high inflation and the prices of daily commodities sky-rocketing, life has become a burden for so many millions. Each dollar that we donate goes directly to the well-being of the poor children in our hostel. We can take care of a child's needs; such as food, clothing, shelter, education and health care, with $50 a month. There are very little administrative expenses involved as all of the Board members and those involved with this project offer their time and talents freely and generously. If each day you can make a small sacrifice of donating a dollar or two to support one child in our hostel, you are helping a child to build his or her life. Please consider either supporting our building project or adopting a child in our hostel. You, too, can then become part of our dream of making a positive difference in the lives of these poor children.

  The life and works of Mother Teresa has always been a source of inspiration to me. Giving one's entire life in the service of less fortunate ones and seeing the face of Jesus in them was her vocation. Many times I heard this call in my heart to help the helpless children who spend their lives on the streets of India. read more...  

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